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Working principle
A PlateMax gasketed plate and frame heat exchanger is a very efficient heat transfer device. Specially formed individual plates, normally of 0.5/0.6mm thickness are assembled to form the SEC Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers "plate pack." A gasket, of suitable material, between the plates, seals the fluid and directs the flow. The end frames and heavy threaded rods compress the plate pak to create a highly effecient heat transfer device. The fluid flows through ports located on the frame(s). The location of these ports is dependant on the particular flow characteristics required by the heat transfer application.
The most common plate exchanger type is where fluids pass through the heat exchanger once. This is referred to as a single pass unit and in this instance all of the inlet and outlet ports are located on one of the end frames.
When the application requires very close temperature differences between the fluids, a multi-pass heat exchanger may be required. Inlet and outlet connections can be located on either of the end frames.

The SEC Free Flow Plate Heat Exchanger

The Future of Plate Heat Exchangers has Arrived.

Introducing the highly efficient S.E.C. wide gap heat transfer plate. A solution for applications where the fluid stream contains solids and fibrous materials.

We have solved one of the biggest limitations of standard Plate and Frame heat exchangers. 'Their inability to pass solids and fibrous materials.' The gap between the plates on standard heat transfer plates is too small to allow these particles to pass freely. Particles get caught in this narrow gap and contribute to blockage of the flow path.

Designed to handle many applications in a single pass. All connections are located on the front of the exchanger. The Plates feature no metal-to-metal contact points between the plates within the heat transfer area occupied by the fluid. The gap between the metal heat transfer boundary area on the plates is 5.0 mm when compressed, greater than any traditional plate heat exchanger.

Maintenance of a SEC Free Flow Plate Exchanger is no different than in a standard design.

High heat transfer rates, easily cleaned and maintenance friendly, make the SEC Free Flow Plate Exchanger the next evolution of Plate Heat Exchangers. SEC Free Flow Plate Exchanger Model Chart

PlateMax Heat Exchanger plate and frame production is supported by a large engineering based manufacturer with the most modern plate presses in the industry. Our extensive R&D will continue to ensure you that PlateMax plate exchangers stay on the cutting edge of heat transfer technology. Our large range of plate and frame heat exchangers is being expanded continually to meet our customer requirements.
PlateMax plate and frame heat exchanger Thermal Calculations are based on advanced industry standards.
PlateMax Plate and Frame has extensive contacts and reference sites in North America and worldwide, which is testament to the long term quality and performance of SEC World Class Plate Exchangers.

PlateMax is a davision of SEC Heat Exchangers Inc. a Canadian Heat Exchanger Manufacturing and Distributing Company providing our customers with economical heat transfer solutions and equipment unparralled in performance, quality and price.

Our experienced sales team will provide you with solutions to meet your heat exchanger requirements. Use our quote form to request pricing and model performance data.
PlateMax Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers (plate exchangers) are designed and built, to the highest standards. (ASME - PED - CRN - TEMA)
PlateMax Heat Exchangers will provide the best sales and service for your gasketed plate heat exchanger requirements.

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